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Production division is oriented on transformers, coils and wound parts production according to customer specification.

Stroptel has been producing transformers and coils since 1994. Flexibility, competitiveness and quality are the key attributes of company philosophy and they guarantee high level of offered services.

Production is mainly focused on:
  • ferrite transformers EF, ETD, EP, RM for telecommunication application (xDSL,isolation, interference suppression, pulse circuit application etc)
  • relays and coils,
  • toroid transformers and coils,
  • filters
  • mains transformers for lower power (up to 200VA)
  • air coils
  • coils used in medical
  • special wound parts



 The company continuously upgrades our staffs skills and are constantly reinvesting in equipment to ensure that quality and performance remain consistently high. In production we use winding machines from reputable companies such as MARSILLI&CO, TANAKA, ELMER, DETZO, JOVIL, TPC. Winding machinery consists of fully or semi-automatic machines with 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 spindles. For high volume series automatic production lines with 3x8, 2x16 and 1x18 spindle is used. The line includes winding, gluing, soldering and test operations. Vacuum casting technology is also available.

All products are 100% tested according to customer specifications on precision automatic testers based on measurement equipment from prestigious companies such as AGILENT (HEWLETT PACKARD) and WAYNE KERR.

Our Research & Development team is able to design transformers according to customer specifications.

Components used in serial production are from reputable companies such as EPCOS, FERROXCUBE, KASCHKE, WEISEER, WAASNER, NORWE, FORMERS, ELEKTRISOLA, TRANSCERIE EMILIANE, MICROMETALS, etc.

Quality – system ISO

The Company has been accredited by SGS Yarsley International certification Services with ISO 9001.



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